Frequently Asked Questions

*We do not do weekly residential service*

Q: When should I put my trash/recycle out to ensure pick up?
A: Trash/recycle must be out by 7:00 am on your day of service.

Q: What is the weight and quantity limit on my trash?
A: Unless otherwise contracted, your trash should not exceed *cart-content of regular household trash or yard waste. For our drivers’ health and safety, we will not take containers that weigh more than 50 pounds, which require manual lifting. Please contact our office for special arrangements should your need exceeds the quantity and weight allowed.

*Cart-content – Total Sanitation 96-gallon tote.

Q: How should I contain my trash?
A: Contained trash helps protect it from weather, insects and animals. Securely bagging your trash helps keep your community neat on windy days.

Q: Does Total Sanitation pick up Branches or Moving Boxes?
A: Branches and brush need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and securely tied into 18-inch diameter bundles. Up to 5 bags or bundles are allowed per week. We will take moving boxes that have been flattened and bundled (no more than 3 bundles per week).

Q: Does Total Sanitation pick pick up Bulk items?
A: Please contact our Customer Service Center at least 24 hours in advance of your pick up day to arrange a special pick up for Bulk items such as furniture, appliances, grill, or a large amount of extra trash. Extra charge applies.

Q: What does Total Sanitation consider as Bulk?
A: Some items that Total Sanitation considers as Bulk are: BBQ Grill, Branches or Wood, Carpet Bundled, Chair, Small Coffee Table, Construction Mat’l, Desk, Dishwasher, Door, Dresser, Dryer/Washer, End Table, Garage Door, Hot Water Heater, Love Seat, Mattress/Box Springs, Recliner, Sofa, Sofa Sleeper, Stove, Table, Water Bed (each section).

Q: What should I do with broken glass or mirror?
A: For yours and our driver’s safety, please wrap broken glass and mirrors in newspaper and label them.

Q: Which items does Total Sanitation consider unacceptable?
A: Cast Iron, Freon: Refrigerators, Air Conditioners; Cement, Dirt, Rocks, Steel, Oil, gas, wet paint, insecticide, fertilizer, vehicle batteries, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, ammunition fireworks, computer monitors are considered hazardous; therefore, we do not accept these items.

Q: How can I dispose of hazardous waste?
A: Please contact the county in which you reside or the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental hotline.

Q: When can I expect a refund if one is due?
A: Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process.

Q: How can I pay my bill other than regular mail?
A: You can either phone in your payment using your credit card, check or go online to, or set up auto-pay.

Q: What is Environmental Recovery Fee?
A: This is a shared cost to help us maintain our Landfills.

Q: What is Fuel Recovery Fee?
A: With the increase/fluctuation in Fuel cost, we need to extend this cost in order to help us maintain the level of service provided.

Q: What is an Administrative Fee?
A: To help maintain costs involved in generating a paper bill. We encourage customers to set up auto-pay or online bill pay to alleviate such costs.

Q: Who participates in the Total Sanitation Recycle Program?
A: The best thing about the Total Sanitation Recycle program is that anyone can participate!

Q: What items are considered recyclable items?
A: Total Sanitation takes most aluminum, steel and paper products, glass bottles and most plastics. Look for the recycling numbers 1-7 on the bottom of the bottle. Below is a list of paper products that can be recycled.

* Newspapers and the inserts
* Magazines
* Junk Mail
* White and Colored Paper
* Posters
* Post-It Notes
* Manila Folders
* Phonebooks
* Cereal Boxes without the plastic insert
* Aluminum beverage cans
* Bi-Metal Steel Cans
* Glass bottles and jars Most Plastic: Soft drink, milk, juice, detergent, and shampoo bottles.

Q: When does recycle occur?
A: Pick-up is every other week on the same day as your trash pickup

Q: Where does recycling occur?
A: Please place your recycle bins at your curb by 7:00am a few feet away from your trash

Q: Why should I recycle?
A: To accept a personal role in the improvement of our environment and the conservation of natural resources.

Q: How do I Recycle?
A: Total Sanitation’s Easy Sort Recycling allows you to mix together plastic, aluminum, glass and metal cans in the bins (referred to as co-mingle). They will be mechanically sorted at the recycling center for your convenience. All paper materials should be kept either in a separate bin, or on the opposite side of your Allied Waste recycle bin away from your commingle items.

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