About Us

Total Sanitation is family-owned and family run.

Brothers, Dan and Steve Hoese started the business in 1992 and it’s been growing steadily ever since.  It now serves the entire metro area including Coon Rapids, Victoria, Woodbury and Lakeville.

We Used to be the Customers.

Before Total Sanitation, Dan and Steve worked together as contractors. They filled a lot of dumpsters in their day and they came to appreciate how important it is to get good service at a good value.

We Built our Business to Make it Easy on the Customer.

Since Dan and Steve started from scratch, they had the opportunity to build exactly the kind of business they wished had been around back when they were the customers.  That means:

•    You always talk to a person when you call – you’ll never get stuck in a complicated voice mail system.
•    Service – The entire metro area and surrounding suburbs.
•    Affordable Rates – You’ll find our prices are competitive.  And we’ll help you figure out what service you really need so you’re not paying more than necessary to get the job done.

Contact us for a free quote at 612-861-2575.